Author: Erik K.

  • Honoring our Dead, not Forgetting our Living

    Honoring our Dead, not Forgetting our Living

    Here are several things I am not: Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative. Here is one thing I am: A Veteran. A Veteran that looks at Memorial Day and wonders what to say when people on Memorial Day thank me or others, because, I survived and Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives in service […]

  • The sad truth about anti-immigration.

    I’ve read, heard and thought about every argument against allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the US. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the only decent thing to do is, after immigration reform, to immediately send back any illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, with a bill to that country for repatriation […]

  • Why we don’t win wars anymore and embolden organizations like ISIS to attack our citizens

    Why we don’t win wars anymore and embolden organizations like ISIS to attack our citizens

    The problem is with two words “Exit Strategy.” We all hear the talking heads, consultants, politicians and arm chair quarterbacks (and yes I realize the irony of this statement) talk about how warfare has changed, that the enemy Is harder to find, or more insidious. Frankly I find these words to be false, they are […]

  • How to Thank a Veteran

    Every year, I repost this with minor updates so we may remember. For those that don’t know what a Veteran is, they are a person who has served or is serving in the armed forces, and has direct exposure to acts of military conflict. What this means is not all those that serve or have […]

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    There is an element to life and how we live it that is changing due to technology. Countless essays, books, films show how we lose our humanity with the rise of technology and there is an actual movement out there to slow down, appropriately called the Slow Movement. Analog, to me is part of the […]

  • Piercing the Veil

    Piercing the Veil

    I want to cry. I just took, about an hour ago, my first ever Adderall XR 30 Mg. Scratch That. I am crying. 48 years. 48 years feeling everything bubble in my head. Daydreaming through lectures that should interest me five minutes after they start. Having ideas pop in my head, or must do’s only […]

  • Vive La Difference

    Or what I think the difference is between an Adult (or pretend adult) and a Child that has ADHD So…as I said before. For me, this shit works. Adderall XR 30mg. How do I know it works? Unlike some people, I didn’t feel a kick, I didn’t feel a surge of energy. But here is […]

  • Honoring Our Dead, Not Forgetting Our Living (2015)

    Honoring Our Dead, Not Forgetting Our Living (2015)

    I wrote this last year, in the wake of the Department of VA scandal. I updated this to show what has not changed (a lot) and what has changed (a little). And that we should still be angry and to keep the count of those we honor on the Fourth Monday of May to the smallest number possible. […]

  • Conversations with Mom eBook

    A couple of people asked for a compiled Conversations with Mom (in case they missed some I guess). So here it is, compiled and free (if you get the Nook /Epub one, Amazon isn’t so friendly): Nook/Epub File to download – Kindle File to download – There’s a bonus conversation at the end that […]

  • It’s Time to give ISIS What They Want

    It’s Time to give ISIS What They Want

    Along with the rest of the United States, I sat in horror yesterday. Like other horrible events, I was at work, and at first oblivious to what was going on, until I got a text from a friend in Chattanooga. “I’m OK, but we’re in lockdown.”  I had no idea what was going on, and […]