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  • The Gift

    The Gift

    There is an element to life and how we live it that is changing due to technology. Countless essays, books, films show how we lose our humanity with the rise of technology and there is an actual movement out there to slow down, appropriately called the Slow Movement. Analog, to me is part of the […]

  • Conversations with Mom eBook

    A couple of people asked for a compiled Conversations with Mom (in case they missed some I guess). So here it is, compiled and free (if you get the Nook /Epub one, Amazon isn’t so friendly): Nook/Epub File to download – Kindle File to download – There’s a bonus conversation at the end that […]

  • “Well That Explains a Lot,” – Love, Mom  (On Change)

    “Well That Explains a Lot,” – Love, Mom (On Change)

    Change has never made me uncomfortable. I’ve always welcomed the different and new and never doubted my capability to accept change. Until recently. Then, looking at my life through a new lens is that the constant change I lived through (others may call it constant chaos), was a coping mechanism. That by accepting all those […]

  • Sandcastles


    Tomorrow I’m going to make a castle. My core story is made of sand castles. And this is the eternal battle for this core story, making the beauty and capturing it before the next set of waves come in. Some days, the weather doesn’t quite cooperate, and there are no castles made. Today no castles […]

  • My Very First Butt Plug  (sorry, NSFW-ish)

    My Very First Butt Plug (sorry, NSFW-ish)

    This is a story I’ve told verbally (somehow saying orally in the same story involving butt plugs just doesn’t sound right) quite a few times, but don’t think I’ve ever put it down on paper. Years ago, when I was still married, we were invited to a Christmas party. This was during one of our […]

  • I have three daughters

    I have three daughters

    I have three daughters I was staring at a photograph. Still water reflection. And in my head, was the thought, similar to one that we hear often, that your children are a reflection of you. And I think that is true to a point. But then there is the time where the picture of you […]

  • RIP Dignity

    RIP Dignity

    I need new furniture. Three things to know about me. 1. At work, I sit at a glass desk. As in see through. 2. I work right by the main entrance to the office, so everyone walks by. 3. When I am concentrating on something, I tend not to notice other things around me. At […]