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Erik K.
  • Fiction – I tend to focus on the themes of Connection, Disconnection and Alienation. This feeling that no matter how well we communicate, there is ultimately those points where it is you alone. And the increase in disconnection based on technology. I wonder how we’ve become an angrier and less tolerant people, that as our standard of living has moved up over the last 100 years, one would think that we have moved further up Maslow’s hierarchy, but instead, as we have more time on our hands instead of Survival, we have lost our way. Aligned with this I also tend to focus on the moment, and the small pieces of beauty that we can have all around us and that is what makes life worth living.
  • Non-Fiction – Mostly reflection pieces on my family, some funny (I think, some sad). A lot of this will be imports from older Facebook posts.
  • Opinion – In case you want to know what I think about the world today. Currently Focusing on Immigration, War and the plight of our Veterans.
  • Verse – Something new to me, so we will see how I do.
  • ADHD – Yup I got it. This focuses some on a personal journey that just started a  year ago, and on some of the funny/not so funny things that can happen. Hopefully over time, this may give insight to others
  • NerdTecMusic – Pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

So basically just another blog from someone who thinks they occasionally have something worth saying. It’s likely less often than the author would like to think.


I’m a Technologist that is learning more and more to distrust technology and its impact on people. So of course I started a blog. I love Nokia and sad that Microsoft bought them out. I love the United States but sad that we trade our privacy for the illusion of security.

I Dabble

Depending on What Interests Me at the Moment and what catches my eye. Right now, I like taking pics with my Nokia (not Microsoft) Lumia. All the photos on this Blog have been taken by one of my Lumias over the last few years mostly from the Instagram Feed at the Bottom of this page. I also am a voracious but streaky reader (as opposed to a voracious but reading streaker).


  • New England by Birth and Heart.
  • Expat from the Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts by Choice.
  • U.S. Naval Academy, Officer of Marines for eight years Active Duty, Veteran.
  • IT Management since.

More Importantly

  • Father of three wonderful girls that all are grown and mostly gone.
  • Befriended by a great circle of people who I don’t see nearly enough and humble me on a regular basis.
  • I get to wake up every day.


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