A life worth living, moment by moment

There’s a moment shared between you and another
No words spoken
But the knowing of each other and the perfection of that moment

There’s a moment when the daylight has just
Tread Softly Into Your Awareness
And you get one more day to share with the world

The moment you smell the sweetness of grass
The sun warming your skin
As you lay under a blue sky

The moment when you see another’s face light up
For no other reason than they saw you
And for that they can’t hold in the joy

Finding that new place, discovering and exploring
And knowing exactly, at that moment,
Who else that place is right for

A moment of hearing just a few notes playing in the background
And the voice to go with the music
And realizing it already speaks to you.

Hearing the words, “I love you”
And understanding it also means “I accept you”
You say it back, with abandon in the moment.

The moment you see a photo,
Think of another, see a reminder,
And your heart aches in missing.

A well placed word, in the moment,
Making you laugh at the comedy,
And in the laugh, feeling nothing but that joy.

I don’t care what you think, that moment
After holding it all in, for what seems an eternity
And finally getting to take that well earned piss.

The moment you see a loved one
Fulfill a dream, an accomplishment
Or pass a milestone, and your pride is as much as theirs.

The tears on another,
And when you provide the shoulder, the perspective or jut the support
And change their own moment for the better.

Moments of understanding
Kindness and Compassion
When it is most needed.

Touch. Skin touching the skin of another
And sharing in that moment, the intimacy
Providing that calming and feeling of well being.

That moment of conviction,
That spurs you to act
And coupled with the moment of seeing the conviction through.

That moment given from another
To you, without asking,
Where they give you thanks for something that spoke to them.

The moment in seeing and feeling,
The small of a lovers back
And the vulnerability freely given.

Being able to see the beauty in anything,
The moment of seeing the color, the pattern, the light, and
Pronounce it beautiful in your eye.

Pushing yourself past that moment where it is easy to quit,
Feeling the exertion, the sweat, the ache,
And when done, knowing this is what feeling alive is.

The moment of panic, fear, hurt, and looking around
You see another, who with a simple nod,
Says “I got your back.’ with implicit trust.

The moments, you keep, for yourself in your head,
Where they remain as they are,
Perfect and cherished, without tarnish or stain.

Traditions, Smells Tastes Sounds
Family and Friends
Turkey, Pie, Laughter and Togetherness.

Trust, Kindness
Simple Words and
Simpler Actions.






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