Questions We Should Ask #1

“Were You Present?”
Most true answers
Answer the wrong question.
“Yes to There”
“No to Present”

If we truly understood
How we fit
The world around us
With those in that very same
We inhabit
We would want to be present.

“Were you there?”
A question of time
A question of place.
“Were you present?”
A question of interaction
A question of belonging.

Where you present?
If you can answer with a location, you were there.
If you can answer with the date, you were there.
If you can answer by remembering the feel of running hair through your fingers,
The sharp taste of cheddar as you ate,
The sea-foam smell of the ocean as you drank in the day,
The sound of the gull as it screams joy,
The cool orange of the hazy setting sun,
Then and only then, were you truly present

I want to answer
“Yes I was present”
And know
I belong
In the place where
Most are There.






2 responses to “Questions We Should Ask #1”

  1. iSabell Avatar

    I was present but I am not there.
    I am present but I was not there.
    usually both.
    but if I’m present, is it possible not to be there in some form?
    Here I go again, breaking all the silence.

    1. Erik K. Avatar
      Erik K.

      Clearly a Tree/Forest Conundrum. Perhaps a better way to look rather than either or is Present > There

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