What does a Bedroom Community and Suburb of Washington DC, Al-Qaeda, Terrorism, The War in Afghanistan, Torture, Sexual abuse of US Citizens, and Teen angst have in common? It turns out, a lot.

I am a supporter of Open Immigration. I believe refugees such as those fleeing the disaster in Syria deserve a home free from fear to include in the USA. This is not a story about protecting refugees, or barring Muslims from entering our country. But sometimes our government loses their way with such blindness that it stuns you, and they side with killers and rapists over the interests and protection of their own citizens. This is a story about one of those individuals.

I’ve struggled where to start this story. And by story, I don’t mean fiction. It is ALL true. Here are the key players:

  • The United States Government
  • Al Qaeda
  • The Islamic Dawah Organisation of Afghanistan that is one of our Political and Military Allies in Afghanistan (Wahhabi is a branch of Sunni Islam favored by Al Qaeda, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
  • Abdul Rasul Sayyaf – the Head of the party above. He is the leader who allegedly brought Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan and opened up joint training bases with Al Qaeda.
  • Asadullah Khalid – a protégé of Sayaf. Accused by the Canadian Government of ordering the Assassination of UN workers in Afghanistan, drug running, torture and is former head of the Afghanistan National Directorate of Security (their intelligence arm).
  • An Afghani Teen, Zabi Khalid who while in the US who has admitted to committing Sexual abuse on a US Citizen. Oh and he is the son of Asadullah Khalid.
  • The Fairfax County Police Department who took the Zabi’s full written confession, and then dropped the investigation based on “lack of intent”
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • An assumed fictitious name that has bought a house for Asadullah Khalid’s family to live in in Lorton, Virginia.
  • A now teen age girl and victim.
  • The girl’s family.

More to come in Part II next week. Specifically the Connection of the Khalid’s to both crimes in Afghanistan and crimes in the United States against a US Citizen, and questions as to why they are allowed to remain, not only in the US but in the same neighborhood where these crimes were committed.



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