What about…

These are the words you may hear when people talk about the neo-nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville (and many other places).

The “But…” will try and show that there may be reasons. In this case, these evil people (not uneducated, evil) were provoked by the impending removal of a statue. (These are the same people that branded the trailer of a fake movie as the cause for Muslim riots as a ridiculous reason to riot – it turns out that reason was false, but yes, the reason was ridiculous. About as ridiculous as justifying hate and murder based on the removal of a statue.) That this was caused by an attempt to rewrite history. That it marginalizes the South. As if any of those are reasons for hate and murder, or to remove the rights of other citizens of this country.

The “What about…” will try and redirect the argument to various infractions other groups have done. The logic being that you can do nothing about white supremacists if you have done nothing about anything else. One doesn’t need to be perfect to combat hate.

There are no “Buts…”, no “What abouts…”, no argument to make other groups equivalent. There is no room for White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis in this country. No room for them in any state. No room for them in any home. Period.
I’m not going to say “If you are a white supremacist, or neo – nazi, Unfriend me now.” I despise that kind of posturing, and because I like to think I choose my friends well enough. And more importantly, because, on social media, I want you to be my friend. Maybe you will see some of what others write, post, and show and realize just how awful the thoughts that are in your head. But in real life, you are not my friend, I will never have your back, and I will never defend your thoughts and actions when you make excuses for racists. You, however you wish to make your arguments, are wrong. And if you ever say something that tries to legitimize this in any shape or form, I won’t allow it around me.

I’m white. I’m male. I’m middle-aged. While politically independent (and active), I tend to lean to the right (these days, perhaps slightly limp to the right is a better description). And still…

Torches? FFS.



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