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  • A Walk In The Park

    A Walk In The Park

    We all have awareness, we just choose not to listen to those senses that go beyond the basics. Rather we are told and taught NOT to listen. That these are baser areas and new agey: “The Gut”, Instinct, Intuition, Pheromones. That as an evolved people we don’t need these additional (or perhaps just more finely tuned) […]

  • Big Mike

    Big Mike

    Rachel let out a long, drawn out sigh, trying to find her calm. Around her was another three fifths of the All-American family. Of the three, one sprawled on the couch next to her, one lying across the arms of the recliner and the last whimpering on the floor. Or in another set of labels, […]

  • Insomnia


    The word ineffable popped into his head anytime he thought of her kissing him. The word bothered him, it didn’t do her lips, how they pressed firmly and softly at the same time, any justice whatsoever. Or how her mouth blossomed onto his. He never wanted to lose that kiss. And wished he could describe […]