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  • The Well

    The Well

    We have hands to write the word. We have tongues to speak the word. The Well Can only see and hear the word We write and speak, And holds the word within Its Depths. –  The History of the Well. Chapter 1 – An unsuccessful journey (minor changes)Chapter 2 – The Well and the well (new 10/17/2015)Chapter 3 – The memories of the Well (minor timeline changes)Chapter 4 – The Visitor and the missing visitor (unchanged)              .I. October, the Fifth Year of the Eighty-First Well Chase sat at the

  • The Ghost of You

    The Ghost of You

    Every day I wake up, and it’s the same. No matter the weather, the time, the temperature, I can see your ghost. Usually sitting in the corner, on that cheap white bar stool that serves as nothing except something to pile my clothes when I run out of room on the ironing board. Your bloodless, […]