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  • Honoring our Dead, not Forgetting our Living

    Honoring our Dead, not Forgetting our Living

    Here are several things I am not: Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative. Here is one thing I am: A Veteran. A Veteran that looks at Memorial Day and wonders what to say when people on Memorial Day thank me or others, because, I survived and Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives in service […]

  • How to Thank a Veteran

    Every year, I repost this with minor updates so we may remember. For those that don’t know what a Veteran is, they are a person who has served or is serving in the armed forces, and has direct exposure to acts of military conflict. What this means is not all those that serve or have […]

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    There is an element to life and how we live it that is changing due to technology. Countless essays, books, films show how we lose our humanity with the rise of technology and there is an actual movement out there to slow down, appropriately called the Slow Movement. Analog, to me is part of the […]

  • The Tempest in the Starbucks Teacup and our Homeless Vets

    I am not one who disbelieves that there are attacks against Christmas and Christianity, both here and throughout the world. For example, Christians were forced to convert or die in Mosul when ISIS invaded. And the decline from over 1.5 Million to under 300,000 Christians in Iraq as a whole has happened in just a […]

  • The Dirty Not-So-Little-Not-So-Secret Secret of the VA Scandals

    The last two years, I’ve taken to Memorial Day to write about the VA abandoning their duty of caring for our Nations Veterans. USA Today and other news organizations over the last few days have published findings that show NOTHING has changed. I want to bring to light three statistics reported recently by these news […]