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  • The Catch-22 Of The War Against ISIS And Our “Allies” That Support Said War

    A few weeks ago, I read in the news that Turkey was going to allow US Planes to use Turkish Airbases to attack ISIS. The first thought in my head wasn’t “Good!”, it was “Wait, What?” followed by a complete humble silence in seeing the awesome power of NATO allies supporting each other </sarcasm>. Especially […]

  • The world is ending in 24 hours. How would it end and what would you do?

    The world is ending in 24 hours. How would it end and what would you do?

    In the beginning… The world, or humankind if not the world, or civilization if not humankind, has ended (or been threatened with ending) countless times in literature; mythology, religion, movies, and music. Stars dying, Stars flaring, asteroids, aliens, war, global warming, ice age, rapture, Ragnarök, a big ass turtle moving, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, monsters, magic […]

  • A Walk In The Park

    A Walk In The Park

    We all have awareness, we just choose not to listen to those senses that go beyond the basics. Rather we are told and taught NOT to listen. That these are baser areas and new agey: “The Gut”, Instinct, Intuition, Pheromones. That as an evolved people we don’t need these additional (or perhaps just more finely tuned) […]

  • My Soul Fillers

    My Soul Fillers

    I engage With the outdoors, SOLO. I seek and find The hiding adventure wherever I may be. I walk down a new path (or an old one with fresh eyes), While lazing and drinking in the unfamiliar (and drinking in an unfamiliar beer as well, on occassion), Almost always SOLO. I seek and find: A […]

  • “Well That Explains a Lot,” – Love, Mom  (On Change)

    “Well That Explains a Lot,” – Love, Mom (On Change)

    Change has never made me uncomfortable. I’ve always welcomed the different and new and never doubted my capability to accept change. Until recently. Then, looking at my life through a new lens is that the constant change I lived through (others may call it constant chaos), was a coping mechanism. That by accepting all those […]

  • Poetic Exercise – Compare Similar Subjects with Soft and Hard Sounds

    Poetic Exercise – Compare Similar Subjects with Soft and Hard Sounds

    The soft melancholy With breath Came a flutter, Butter Flying in the center, Without reason or cause. Unsettled, Yes using the tools The fools Teach to find center ,Without knowledge or pause. Fearful, Shedding old for new Wet, Blue, I dive into the center Waves washing away all flaws. Nothing Can wash all away Finé. […]

  • A life worth living, moment by moment

    A life worth living, moment by moment

    There’s a moment shared between you and another No words spoken But the knowing of each other and the perfection of that moment There’s a moment when the daylight has just Tread Softly Into Your Awareness And you get one more day to share with the world The moment you smell the sweetness of grass […]

  • I Can’t Stand Anna Karenina (the book)

    Black Out Poems are not unfortunately about what happened after I drank too much last night. It’s a poem where you take a page of a book and find words to make a poem by blacking out the rest. I used a book that many consider to be the gold standard of literature, but I can’t […]

  • Big Mike

    Big Mike

    Rachel let out a long, drawn out sigh, trying to find her calm. Around her was another three fifths of the All-American family. Of the three, one sprawled on the couch next to her, one lying across the arms of the recliner and the last whimpering on the floor. Or in another set of labels, […]

  • Untitled…


    The getting is gotten, While your soul goes rotten, Working the words, To travel the worlds, Flowing from your finger tips Flowing from the tip of your tongue. Tips tip the jar And money flows near and far, Not fearing what the grasshopper fears But spending for years In a day. Traveling away From your […]

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